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Emery Carl
Mystr E Entertainment & The Troubadour Show
Dr. Rev. Jedi Wizard Producer Artist Musician & Metaphysician
Professional Procrastination Service
So YOU can get it done!
Do you have so much procrastinating to do that it's getting in the way of your productivity?  
  • You can now outsource your procrastination needs to a Professional!  
  • Why put off until tomorrow what you could pay to do today?  
  • Pay only what it's worth for you to get it done.  
  • There is no limit to how much you can pay or that I am able to not do for you.  
Click on the card below to get started!
Thank you for taking this simple step to make an investment in yourself as well as
supporting the artistic endeavors and cultural contributions of Master Procrastinator, Emery Carl.
I will not make a payment for you so you can see that it works.
After all, the first one is always free!

Thank You for Your Support! I Am Here to Serve.