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Emery Carl
Mystr E Entertainment & The Troubadour Show
Dr. Rev. Jedi Wizard Producer Artist Musician & Metaphysician
Let's learn together!


U N I V E R S E = You and I, be two, energy, one breath, begin complete energy.

The only tuition for the Mystr E School is yours, your intuition, pay attention to your intuition.

Ways of understanding and working with our energies, known and unknown.

Looking at anything and everything as a way of demonstrating function in its way.

A video blog of sorts to follow. Opportunity to share what you're learning.


You, what it is, and the space in between, relationships, intervals, ratios.

What we see, what's been seen, how we see it, and what we do with it.

Everything is always speaking to us in it's way, just by being, and doing what it does.

Love you. Love your show.

Thank You for Your Support! I Am Here to Serve.