The Troubadour Show:
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. . .The Troubadour Show . . .
A Documentary with Pictures, Stories, and Video clips from the road.

This iWitness report was nominated for an Emmy Award!

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The Art of Busking

Have you ever encountered a performance happening in public with the presence of a hat or instrument case with some money in it? Then you have participated in the art of busking!

The simplest definition of a busker is: “Public performance for tips.” Busking is one of the only art forms in which its patronage is an integral part of the art itself.

Classic forms of art such as painting, sculpting, and even music are created and then offered at a set price. These forms can also be commissioned by an agreed upon amount before they are delivered.

A busker creates a performance and presents it to the public for nothing but the opportunity to receive a voluntary donation. Like a flower growing out of its seed into a world where it may or may not rain, where the sun may or may not shine, without demand to how long it may or may not last, so the busker becomes the art, for all who may or may not pass. The world is a gallery, its travelers the critics, and the busker comes face to face with its lovers, haters, and indifference.

The art of busking only exists as long as it’s being done. Busking is the epitome of art in the moment and everyone becomes a part of its completion however they decide to respond. The presentation and the option come together as one creating the whole of what it is, the art of busking.

Emery Carl

**FEBRUARY 1, 2009**
Here is a playlist containing most of an entire one hour set!
I did as little editing as possible just to show how it really is.