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Getting it Together!


Saturday July 29th

This song is my true blues, improvised, and how it is right now. 



I need help. I'm asking for it. Will you support me today with any amount?


If there ever was a time...

I'm facing a financial challenge that is more than I can manage without some help.

I'm asking you. I'm asking myself. Can you? Want to? Please do!

I can, I will, to the best of my ability.  As best as I can see possibility!

How can I be supportive in whatever you may need? Call or email.

Click on the Music link to access my albums for free listen and download through soundcloud

Here's to us and everyone, as our works in progress, and finding our greatest function!

I'm ready to work in any way that works!


THANK YOU!  For Being and for Being You!



PS- I've been working my first job in 11 years (other than Busking) busting out some pots and pans at the Biscuit Bitch Cafe. It's been good work. I'm also a Wellness Advocate now with Doterra Essential Oils. I've been learning and growing so much in the pursuit of balance in it all. Working on being a better artist, a better human, and better me has been challenging and worth it. I'm realizing that the key to "Getting it together" is getting it "TOGETHER"! Whether with me, yourself, or anyone else... Let's Do This!


"I get by with a little help from my friends."