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Friends and Family, One and All!


The "Friends and Family Tour 2017"! Thank you for coming by to visit my website! 

Here is my HOME page.  "Home is where the Heart Is!"

This my home, my heart, YOU'RE IN IT! The hub of all I have to share.

As an artist and a human I seek to:

challenge, encourage, enrich; and to be so in return.  

I exist to serve you, my friends, my family, as all that I am, have, and need.

I am committed to supporting all that you are, have, and need

in every possible and necessary way.

Whether needs be mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, or anything...

Everybody needs.

No amount of thoughts, feelings, money, friends, religion, or anything...

Will eliminate our having need.


I was trying to succeed without asking for it, as though asking for help

or expressing need was admitting failure that I didn't deserve it, didn't earn it,

and certainly must "not be good enough", yet.  

I floated things along, waiting for them to turn around, 

while refusing to actually just ask myself and others for what I needed. 

This has landed me where I am now and ready to recognize a new view,

"Express your need to succeed!" 


Who am I to offer advice on how to heal the world, ourselves, and relationships, 

if I'm not actively healing the world, myself and my own relationships? 

It's not about marketing, branding, selling solution, or gaining fame.

It's about reaching out, keeping in touch, and sharing our gifts.  

That's the living I want to make and do. We all have gifts, need to be needed, and share.  

"Express your need to succeed! Express your need; to succeed!" we need you too!

I recognize many many people already know this, do this.  I'm just getting hip.


Okay, so here's where I'm at: a particular moment of need... 


I'm going to Ballard today to help a friend with some clean up and 

hopefully I'll be able to volunteer to get some provisions at the food bank.

I'm in a spot with no dough, no food, and just enough gas to get there.

If you are able to help me get on my feet, I need all the help I can get, right now.

Thank you for your consideration!  I'll be back tonight with an update:

"I get by with a little help from my friends."